FANUC Robot M-710iC/50

The FANUC M-710iC/50 is battle-ready and one of FANUC’s intelligent robots.


The FANUC M-710iC/50 is battle-ready and one of FANUC’s intelligent robots. Performing dispensing, material-handling and packaging applications are no problem for this industrial robot arm. What distinguishes the M-710iC 50? The robot is coated with a protective epoxy. Its wrist, which is often subjected to the worst condition, can withstand high-pressure washing. Each joint has extra oil seals and every bolt is coated. The 710 iC 50 can be immersed in 15cm to 1m of liquid and is certifiably protected from all dust, cutting down on wear and tear.  Even the robot\’s base is safeguarded, designed to expel air, thus preventing outside air from seeping into the robotic arm.

The FANUC 710ic-50 has a wrist flange and base mounting that is standard for the series, allowing for seamless backwards compatibility and a leaner manufacturing process. The robot is robust and speedy. The 710iC/50 can lift a 50kg payload and reach 2050mm horizontally. The M-710iC/50 is perfect for foundry settings — it can perform an array of applications, including material handling, machine loading, assembly, grinding, polishing and deburring. The flexibility makes it very attractive to consumers as a way to increase productivity while saving money.

There are a variety of controllers that the new and used FANUC M-710iC/50 can be paired with: the R-30iA, RJ3iC, R-30iB Mate cabinet, R-30iB A-cabinet, or the R-30iB B-cabinet, and R-30iB iPendant touch.


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