Expertise and Services

We provide a suite of industrial robotics solutions, mechanical engineering and design and welding products to suit your company’s unique requirements. By providing companies with advanced welding and industrial automation solutions, we help our customers achieve improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness and quality of products and build a foundation for sustainable business success


The use of industrial robotics is growing as industrial operations are increasingly automated.
Industrial robotics, with its technology and capabilities, allows for lower cost per product and improved product quality to compete effectively in the global market. They provide accuracy and precision, speed and efficiency, a safer work environment and allow the capture of new sources of value in your manufacturing flow.

At Advanced Equiment, we have the experience and skills required to design and build integrated industrial robotics solutions that fit into your manufacturing process flow. By optimising your industrial robotic solution, we help to improve your manufacturing processes and achieve your automation objectives.



Welding is widely applied in the manufacturing industry and having the right solutions can provide manufacturers with a competitive edge.

At Advanced Equipment, our team of certified welding technicians has the knowledge and skills that covers all aspects of the welding processes. We have extensive experience in the design, review and installation of laser and arc welding processes.

With a strong focus on the quality of workmanship and innovative solutions, we have achieved a solid track-record of being a reliable partner in delivering speed and accuracy in welding that our customers require.


Efficient production of innovative products requires the contribution of a precise mechanical engineering solution. Whether you require an automated solution for turnkey product development or a specific part of your system, we can help you from design through to installation.

Leveraging on the latest technology, we work with you to cost-effectively deliver automated solutions that are tailored to your unique requirements. Our use of precision engineering will help you increase productivity and realise innovation.

With our experience and creativity, Advanced Equipment work with you to transform your manufacturing process into cutting edge solutions that will enable you to be competitive in today’s global manufacturing environment.