FANUC Robot LR Mate 200iC


Faster and more compact than its predecessors, the FANUC LR Mate 200iC robot arm’s high-positioning accuracy and tabletop size make it ideal for a variety of automation applications, including material handling, machine tending and assembly.  The size of a human arm, the mini LR Mate 200iC moves with 152 percent more speed and 50 percent more accuracy than the earlier models.

The entire 200iC series is a super impressive, table-top size robot that is light weight, maintains a slim profile,  has high dexterity,  and produces faster sustained speeds with superior positioning accuracy. The 200iC mini series is driven by electric servos and is rated best-in-class wrist momentum and inertias for real world EOATs due to its light, efficient, accurate, and nimble package. Depending on the model, it can include 5 or 6 degrees of freedom, up to 5 kg payload at the wrist, and +/-0.02 or +/-0.03 repeatability.

The standard 200/iC R30iA can handle a 5kg payload. The robot’s tooling and integration is simplified by strategically located pneumatic and electrical connections and two dual-action solenoid valves.

The 200iC is designed for Light, Efficient, Accurate and Nimble (LEAN) performance. It offers exceptional versatility, can be mounted almost anywhere (floor, tabletop, angle, inverted or inside of machines), and it fits easily in tight, narrow areas.  Furthermore, with the same footprint and wrist-bolt pattern as the previous model, the FANUC 200iC is easily upgraded. It has an enclosed mechanical design that eliminates cables and hose snagging.

Some of the benefits of robots in this series include two, double-acting solenoid valves that are integrated into the forearm to simplify EOAT dressout; conveniently located pneumatic and electrical connections for EOAT at J4; the ability to flip over backwards to gain a larger work envelope; multiple mounting options; and an enclosed mechanical design to eliminate cable and hose snagging.  There are also additional features that are available as options such as intelligent functions (iRVision), IP67 ratings to help the robot withstand a harsh environment, and extended network I/O capabilities.

The flexibility of the LRMate 200iC extends to the industries it services. One example, the food industry, uses the LR Mate 200ic/5F, to accommodate food production environments and applications. This version of the 200iC is completely food-safe and suitable for both primary and secondary food products (those with and without packaging).  If your application requires an extra long reach, than you may want to consider the LRmate 200iC/5L.


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